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Proteomics is the study of the structure and function of proteins, and their interactions within a complex biological system. Because protein analysis represents many distinct challenges, your proteomics research goals need to be met by complete, optimized and accessible workflows for fast, accurate and reproducible results.

Agilent's integrated proteomics workflow provides the highest analytical performance with unprecedented plug-and-play flexibility. Our robust, interchangeable workflows simplify setups and let you quickly switch between different methodologies to complete your research faster, with greater confidence.

Discovery Proteomics

Identify Proteins and Discover Differences Between Samples

Intact Protein Profiling

Find the Proteins That Differ Between Samples

Proteomics Data Analysis

Proteomics Data Analysis

Proteomics Sample Preparation, Columns and Supplies

Proteomics Sample Preparation, Columns and Supplies

Targeted Proteomics

Routine and Reproducible Quantitation

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