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With the globalization of the food chain, protecting both the consumer and your brand becomes more demanding. Today, the food and agriculture industry faces ever-increasing demands for more sensitive, productive analytical solutions. You are committed to providing food, produce and beverages of consistent quality and uncompromising safety. Agilent Technologies leads the industry with products and services to help you deliver what your customers demand. Our instruments, systems, and supplies are used throughout the food production chain, including incoming inspection, new product development, quality control and assurance, and packaging. Agilent stays informed of the latest trends and issues in the industry and develops systems and applications that meet the latest requirements.

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Beer Analysis
Spirits Analysis
Wine Analysis
Edible Oils
Herbal Analysis
Spice Analysis

Dietary Supplements, Natural Compounds & Additives

Dietary Supplements and Related Functional Foods Analysis

Food Authenticity

Ensuring the Highest Quality Food Product

Food Processing & Packaging

Ensuring the Safety of Food Processing and Packaging

Dairy Testing
Infant Formula Testing

Mycotoxins & Biotoxins

Identification and Control of Biotoxins in Food Products

Persistent Organic Pollutants

Advanced Detection Solutions to Identify and Quantify POPs

Dioxins & Dioxin-Like Compounds
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Analyzers


Pesticide Monitoring and Analysis in Global Food Supply Chains

GC/MS Pesticide Analysis
LC/MS Pesticide Analysis
Pesticide Analyzers & Application Kits

Soil Quality & Fertilizer Analysis

Rapid Measurement of Agricultural Soil Samples

Trace Metals

Measuring Metals in Food

Arsenic in Food

Veterinary Drugs Screening

Accurate Measurements of Veterinary Drugs in Foods of Animal Origins

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